The Background

Paychex called Oliver Mechanical to help solve their numerous employee complaints regarding the office temperature. They had 19 total rooftop units with 9 offices and one commercial HVAC thermostat per unit that was able to be accessed by all employees. They could not keep everyone happy with the temperature or even determine what was optimal for the office and needed to eliminate this major source of employee complaints.


The Oliver Mechanical team discovered that the commercial HVAC thermostats either lacked locking covers, or their covers were being left unlocked. They recognized a need to use average temperatures in the larger areas to determine a better temperature reading to control the rooftop unit. The facility lacked a central access point for management to monitor the temperature of the space.

Proposed Solutions

Oliver Mechanical proposed a central building automation system using networkable thermostats. This would give the management team a tool to monitor temperatures and evaluate whether complaints were a result of mechanical failure or personal comfort. The proposed building automation system is also Internet capable to enable management and corporate offices in New York to view, monitor, and adjust the system remotely. The team also proposed adding additional sensors in the larger areas to create more average temperature data points for the rooftop unit to respond to. Finally, Oliver Mechanical also recommended a zoning system to allow each office to have their own thermostat and control their temperature independently.

The Outcome

The customer accepted Oliver Mechanical’s proposal and implemented the controls and zoning systems as recommended.