The Background

Total Scope of Boothwyn, PA contacted Oliver Mechanical to quote a Maintenance Agreement for their building. Previously, we had only been called when their units needed repair. Up to this point, the customer completed filter changes as needed. They were tired of doing their own maintenance and realized that all of their equipment was aging and needed to be replaced. The client also inquired about adding a new unit for the executive offices, which were not properly heating and cooling, leaving their occupants uncomfortable most of the year. One corner office, in particular, was a constant problem for temperature complaints which pointed us to their commercial HVAC registers.


While evaluating the situation, the Oliver Mechanical team found that the executive offices didn’t have enough commercial HVAC registers to handle the demand for heating or cooling. The ductwork was grossly undersized for the amount of air needed to heat and cool the space. The corner office in question had two glass exterior walls and was positioned so that the sun was shining on the glass for most of the day. The team also found that the thermostat controlling these spaces was located in a central area that didn’t register the temperature extremes from the sun.

Proposed Solutions

For the primary rooftop unit replacement, the Oliver team proposed high efficiency units with stainless steel heat exchangers.

To address the challenges in the executive offices, the team properly sized the unit serving this area and added new ductwork and registers to allow proper airflow. For the corner office with glass walls, we recommended the installation of a ductless mini-split heat pump unit for serving only this space.

Our Commercial Maintenance Agreement Representative thought this was great application for the 5-year plan since we were dealing with the building owner. Oliver Mechanical understands that a project of this size is a budgeting challenge for most businesses, and that normally a client has to balance their need to make these updates against the large monetary outlay they require. With this in mind, the proposal was presented as a five-year plan for the equipment replacement and comfort modifications, and included a full service parts and maintenance contract to give our client the option of completing the project with an even monthly payment rather than a large lump sum expense.

The Outcome

The customer accepted Oliver Mechanical’s proposal for a 5 year replacement and maintenance plan, which allows them control over the monthly expenses related to their HVAC equipment.