Sophisticated Commercial Heating

A variable refrigerant flow (or VRF) system is a sophisticated HVAC system that uses refrigerant as the sole material for heat. This makes it a simple and effective choice for your building’s heating needs. Discover the benefits of commercial VRF heat.

At Oliver Mechanical Services, we can install a new VRF system in your building or replace your current HVAC system with a VRF system. Our experts can assess your property to determine the best heating solution and once we figure it out, we’ll work quickly to have your commercial heating system up and running.

Commercial VRF HVAC

Lower Costs Through Efficiency

Commercial VRF heat systems are ductless systems that utilize a single outdoor condensing unit. This unit heats the refrigerant and circulates it throughout your building via refrigerant piping. Because the system uses piping instead of traditional ductwork, it can help reduce the commercial heating costs of your building. In addition, you won’t have to worry about dust, dirt, and allergens circulating through your ductwork, out of your vents, and into your air.

VRF systems also let you reduce the amount of heat you use. Because they communicate with multiple indoor units, you can control the amount of heat each unit distributes. This means you can turn on the heat only in the areas you need it; by using less heat, you can lower your heating bills and maximize efficiency.

If you’re interested in a VRF system for your commercial property, call 1-888-450-3445 or contact the experts at Oliver today. We can give you more information about the ability to expand these systems to meet all of your commercial heating needs.