Commercial HVAC Rooftop Service & Maintenance

Commercial rooftop HVAC systems offer a convenient way to provide cooled or heated air for one to eight-story buildings. Many systems and configurations are available to satisfy a wide number of applications. Fresh outside air is mixed with return air from the occupied space and it’s then filtered, conditioned, and supplied back into the building. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or heating the air for optimal space comfort.

Rooftop heating units can serve a single zone, or an entire building filled with many zones. Some units can be specifically designed for make-up air, where only outside air is treated and sent to the space. Commercial rooftop heating systems are easy-to-maintain and are energy-efficient system for conditioning any space. Natural gas, electric, hot water, steam, and heat pump heat provide reliable heating for spaces with colder seasons and climates.

Oliver Mechanical is proud to be the 2020 Contractor of the Year awarded by the Air Conditioning Contractors Association. We have been servicing facility managers and building owners since 1971. Contact us today to schedule service or maintenance for your commercial rooftop HVAC unit.

Commercial Rooftop Heating System

Maintenance to rooftop systems is paramount to sustain the life of your unit and cleanliness of the environment air. You should have a commercial HVAC technician visit 4 times per year to identify any mechanical issues, before a problem arises. Preventative maintenance is the key to extending the HVAC equipment’s life for peak energy-efficiency performance.

In addition, its placement offers added security, as a rooftop location is harder for unauthorized individuals to access. Plus, because a rooftop offers more space, you’ll be able to add onto or expand your HVAC unit as needed.

Professional Rooftop HVAC Installation

Our Senior Technical Team of Installation Estimators can customize a system for your property’s specific needs. Rooftop systems offer benefits of reduced noise levels, visual aesthetics and increased security to protect your equipment. These types of systems provide easy access for repairs and maintenance. Free consults and estimates with flexible install times are available, simply contact us today. Air Purification Systems can also be added to just about any rooftop unit.

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